Below are a small selection of Thrive Programme testimonials from previous trainees:

  • What were your thoughts about the Programme before you started?

I was initially quite dubious about starting the programme, did I really need it? Could I justify spending that money on something I couldn’t see and touch?  It soon became clear that I needed to do something because my thinking was becoming out of control.  I contacted Andrew and we had our initial face to face meeting. Andrew was friendly and not too intrusive at all, we spoke about my objectives and why I felt I needed and wanted to do the programme. It was very relaxed and impartial. After, Andrew followed up with a few more details.  I knew it was time to try it.

  • What did you get out of doing The Thrive Programme? How has your life changed?

I can 100% see a noticeable difference.  Before, I would suffer from stressed induced eczema and often found myself very emotional and not being able to think straight.  Now I know I have the control to shake myself and start clear, no matter what obstacle I am faced with.  I am in control of me and have such a strong sense of power and control.

  • How has your performance at work changed?

My worries about being stressed from work were really the main drivers for me starting the thrive programme.  I would overthink most things, put unnecessary pressure on myself and often be paranoid about how I was performing.  Subsequently, I would worry what colleagues and management thought of me. Completing the Thrive programme with Andrew has allowed me to value myself and my skills and has given me the confidence to know that I am capable.

  • Have your friends, colleagues and family noticed a difference in you?

I was very surprised to learn my initial results, such as having low self-confidence and social anxiety; I love to go out and meet new people so how could that be me?! Thrive taught me that there are no rules or definitions on what anxiety is and often it was my own inner voice causing challenges.  I’m not saying that I don’t have spouts of self-doubt, but I know that these are just blips and I feel much more confident in my skin and my skills. Friends have commented how I am much more relaxed and light hearted, and have also reminded me how far I’ve come from quite a dark place.

  • What does the future look like for you now?

I am so much more get up and go than I ever was, I know that my future is in my hands and I can get whatever I want out of it. I no longer search for the negative snow ball and just get on with things. The future feels a lot more calm and bright!

  • What was it like to do the Programme with a consultant?

I couldn’t imagine completing the thrive programme with any other consultant; what struck me from the beginning is that Andrew is totally relatable, I trusted that he could actually help me as his lifestyle and personality was similar to mine.  Andrew understood my work and Personal life so I felt I could speak freely in detail to someone who actually understood what I was saying. Andrew is totally impartial, non-judgmental and always professional.  I felt that he had invested in me and that also helped me put in maximum effort.  I could question why as much as I wanted during the course.   This also helped me understand the theory behind it and how I can apply it.  Andrew really helped me to see the areas I needed to concentrate on and how to streamline and ultimately change the way I think and view many things in my life.  Andrew kept track of my progress and I was very overwhelmed and proud of how I had reached my objectives.  I owe Andrew a great deal and would have no hesitation in recommending him, especially if like me you feel as if you are “ok”, you probably need a bit of help and the thrive programme could be exactly what you need to get the best out of you.

Sam – London

I actually knew Andrew for a while prior to taking the course with him and honestly, I wish I had listened the first time he recommended it. It’s definitely changed my outlook on everything after I had a year or so of tough personal and work events that ground me down. Having once been very confident, I became extremely depressed, grew increasingly insecure, with a low self-esteem and lots of negative thinking about both myself and the world around me. Andrew helped me use Thrive to both recover and then move forward with the confidence that I could deal with anything else that comes my way. I feel much stronger and able to make much better life decisions and would highly recommend the course to anyone. I’m even now offering it to staff within my company. Problems or not, Thrive teaches people all sorts of useful techniques.

Adrian – East London

I have recently completed the Thrive Programme after seeking help because of a family crisis.  I was at a very low ebb and believed I could never feel happy again. I was very sceptical at first – how could a manual possibly lift me out of this black hole? – but with the constant support and guidance of my consultant Andrew, I was able to turn my life, and my thinking, around. Not only am I now more able to cope with any trauma life may throw at me but within 2-3 weeks I was able to visit a dentist – something I hadn’t been able to do for 16 years! Also I hadn’t slept for more than 2-3 hours a night for 30 years – I now sleep for 7,8 or even 9 hours a night. My self-esteem is higher than it`s ever been and my social anxiety is almost nonexistent. I cannot thank Andrew enough for helping me to help myself.  Although challenging at times the programme is very worthwhile.

Sarah – West London

Having completed the Thrive course I can honestly say I would recommend this to everyone (and I have). I experienced a significant life-changing event that sent me into an emotional tailspin of sorts. My Thrive consultant Andrew guided me through the book, and at first I wasn’t exactly skeptical, but I seriously couldn’t understand how this would help ME. I mean, I understand how someone with a fear, addiction, depression…may find it useful, but me?…..I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I can now say that I worry less about the future, feel resilient, positive, happy and just all round a better person. I might still have a little blip every now and then, but that’s all it is, as I know I have the coping skills and strength to deal with everything. And I did this. Thank you me.

Ellie – West London

I have recently been promoted to a middle management position at work and approached Andrew to help maximise my performance and support me through the increased workload and stress levels. I was recommended the Thrive programme by a friend and to be honest I was a little sceptical about the impact that the programme would have. My opinion quickly changed once I started to work through the book and activities with Andrew. Not only did I start to notice the positive impact the sessions were having on my outlook on life and performance at work, but my family also noticed a positive change in my temperament and mood at home!

I found the Thrive programme so interesting and rewarding and you quickly notice the improvements you are making if you put the effort in. Andrew’s Skype sessions were really interactive and his knowledge of the course is unquestionable. He was always able to answer my questions and I felt supported throughout the whole process professionally.

I can’t thank Andrew enough for the new and improved me, my wife and work say thank you too!”

Paul – Central London

When I first contacted Andrew I was really in quite a bad place and felt that things were a bit hopeless due to my depression and anxiety. I felt that things were affecting my work too, so I really needed to be able to have the tools to deal with everything I was going through and be able to tackle anything in the future.

Andrew has helped me through the Thrive programme by making sure that we moved at the right pace and constantly referenced what I had previously told him from our first sessions and throughout the course. This was important for me because it showed he was listening and making notes of my initial state and could demonstrate how far we’d come later in the course. Using my own words as a reference point was something I really valued, as it made not only what Andrew’s words and the course information relevant, but my own words as well.

Andrew also made it clear that while I was making great progress, things wouldn’t get better overnight and not to try to rush through the course for a quick fix. I also really appreciated this because when I took it on board, I felt that this was something I was definitely doing subconsciously and was glad Andrew pointed it out. By doing this for me, when I did have a mid-course blip, it made things ok and actually kept me on the right path as it gave me some perspective, encouraging me to delve even deeper into the bank of knowledge in the programme.

I’m now in a situation where I have a strong bank of evidence-based knowledge on how to Thrive and would recommend the course and working with Andrew to anyone willing to commit to a new positive life. I would encourage anyone who takes the course to really put in the time and effort to learn while keeping an open mind, believing that this is going to work and change your life because if you do, then it really can! I can now handle all the situations I found myself in before a lot better and feel confident to handle any situations in the future.

I have been so surprised by some of the things that have happened since and the way I have not only taken control but how others have reacted in certain situations. This can not only change your own life for the better but also be positive for others around you for a number of reasons, which you will notice yourself should you commit to the course.

I would like to say a special thanks to Andrew for how he’s helped me gain this new knowledge and changing my life for the better, lifting a huge weight off my shoulders and not only helping me but the others around me.

Jacob East London

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