Fears and Phobias affect many people in the UK and worldwide.  The difference between a fear and phobia is usually just the severity and how much it impacts upon the sufferer’s life.

When you have a phobia, whether it be a fear of flying, a fear of being judged (social anxiety) or a fear of panic attacks, you usually try to avoid situations that may cause your fear to increase.  Why would you not?  This fear is happening to you and is caused by an event or traumatic experience from the past……isn’t it?

Interestingly, no.  Most people think this is the case, but the facts don’t add up.  What is traumatic for one person is not for another, even with an almost identical event or situation.  How you interpret experiences, and your subsequent thinking surrounding these experiences, are key.

I will show you how your beliefs about your coping skills have a massive effect on maintaining your phobia.  Once you have this knowledge, you can easily go about changing how you react to certain situations, predictably and gradually.  If you follow the Thrive Programme and commit to putting the effort in, you can join the thousands of others who have conquered their fears and become powerful and resilient in the process.

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