Anyone can create anxiety and stress about any situation they feel is challenging, threatening or aversive.  That feeling of uncomfortable dread sweeps over you and your first instinct is to just get away from the thing that caused this reaction.  Nobody likes this feeling and you just want it gone as soon as possible!  Anxiety affects millions of people in the UK, some just get the odd stab of fear now and again, for some, it can completely take over their lives.

You may be surprised that I said people ‘create’ their anxiety?  Surely anxiety is caused by the troubling situations we find ourselves in?  Interestingly, no. It’s down to how we interpret any experience in life.  If you believe you cannot cope with something happening right now, or start to worry about a future event, you create anxiety.

So what about stress?  Well, the terms “anxiety” and “stress” are often used interchangeably, especially in the media.  But stress is really a physiological response that your body makes when faced with a perceived threat.  It is important to note that the threat can just be imagined (this is where the problems start for most).  This stress response was very useful for our ancestors who were faced with real ‘fight or flight’ situations when out hunting, for example.  Unfortunately, many of us misuse this mechanism in modern times with sustained stress responses occurring far too often.  The brain also finds it very hard to distinguish between real and imagined threats, so the same bodily reaction occurs.

The story is the same for stress as it is for anxiety: we create it through our interpretations of certain situations.  I will give you an example.  Many people complain about their ‘stressful’ jobs, but I bet there is always a colleague or friend who has a very similar job, and seems to manage everything so much better?  How can they do this?  If the job causes stress, then the job must be stressful whoever does it.

Another very common issue is social anxiety, which is essentially the fear of being judged by others.  It is also know as social phobia.  The severity does differ significantly, for example some people may be just be a ‘little shy’ at a party, whilst others may avoid social situations altogether.  A big part of the Thrive Programme is understanding where your social anxiety comes from, and more importantly how to get rid of it!

Stress and Anxiety also cause a whole host of other issues such as insomnia, depression, weight problems, phobias and fears, to name a few.  This is why it is really important to get your anxiety and stress levels right down, and keep them there.  The Thrive Programme is designed to do just that.

Together we will work through the programme and you will gain a deep awareness of the core issues that are really causing your stress and anxiety.  We can then move forward to change your thinking for the better.

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