You may be on this page because you think Hypnotherapy is the answer to all your symptoms and issues? Or maybe you are on this page because you think The Thrive Programme sounds a bit like therapy?

You would be incorrect on both accounts, let me tell you why..

In my experience hypnotherapy is one of the first things that springs to mind when someone is looking for help with depression, anxiety, phobias or a whole host of other issues. Its been around for a long time, and it’s generally what we remember when therapy is mentioned in conversation.

I know when I started the process of looking for help, Hypnotherapy sounded like an attractive prospect. I thought I could go and see someone, they would put me to sleep, say some helpful things and I would awake with all my anxieties gone and feeling great! Unfortunately, like anything in life, there is no magic wand and my visions of doing very little work for miraculous results were distorted.

I am guessing that although you have been considering hypnotherapy (or another therapy), all you really want is to feel better, overcome your symptoms or achieve your goals? I would bet you don’t actually care how you do it?

I would like to introduce you to a programme that has helped over 35,000 people make incredible changes in their lives. The Thrive Programme is an evidence-based training course that deals with the underlying core beliefs and thinking styles that create your symptoms and issues. The course I deliver is over six weeks and is like nothing else out there, because it gives you powerful insight into your thinking and beliefs. I will teach you the skills to take back control and eradicate the issues holding you back. I know this may sound a little scary because it places the responsibility in your hands!

But, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense that the power should ultimately be with you and not with the therapist. You would learn to gradually build up your own personal power as your knowledge and skills increase.

There would be no voids in your knowledge, there would be no mystery of WHY you feel incredible and your symptoms have gone. You would be safeguarded against future hurdles because YOU built the skills to deal with them.  I would be there as the expert to mentor and support you at every step. The journey would be predictable and inspiring.

You would be self-sufficient in managing your mental wellbeing.. you would be thriving.

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