Back in 2012 I was having issues with anxiety.  You may not have even noticed anything from the outside, but I was struggling.  After wasting time with numerous self-help books I went to see a Licensed Thrive Consultant who took me through the programme…

After completing The Thrive Programme I was so impressed, I changed my career so I could train people to have the same life changing skills as me.  To be able to teach people how to be resilient, powerful, free of fear, and most importantly how to do this for themselves.

I am dedicated to helping you overcome any issues you may have, or any goals you have set.  Nothing is more rewarding to me, than seeing my trainees achieve what they were convinced could not be done.

If you want to commit to doing the programme with someone who has lived and breathed it for over 4 years then contact me to organise a chat before you start your journey.

Andrew Brenard
Licensed Thrive Programme Consultant – ATPC

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